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Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is an institute of comprehensive researches on nuclear science and technology. Since its establishment in 1959 according to China’s strategic demands, under the untiring efforts of generations of the scientists and other staff members, SINAP has achieved remarkably in fundamental and applied studies, which cover nuclear physics, nuclear analysis techniques, radiochemistry and radiopharmaceuticals, radiation chemistry and radiation processing, nuclear electronics and detectors, accelerator engineering, and interdisciplinary studies combining nuclear science and techniques with many fields of research in frontier sciences.

The past two decades have witnessed new successes of SINAP, which began its mighty programs in photon science in the 1990s. In implementing the CAS project of knowledge innovation, SINAP made an arduous and successful effort to build the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF), the first light source of the third generation in mainland China. This provides an advanced research platform for groups of scientists to perform simultaneous experiments on different beamlines and experimental stations.

At this new point of development, we are fully aware of the opportunities and challenges ahead of us. While bringing its might to bear the task of developing photon science, establishing a photon science center of the world class, and contributing to the development of science and technology in China, SINAP will explore a unique way, according to the nation’s strategic demands, to develop nuclear energy science and technology, applied nuclear science and technology, and interdisciplinary studies, towards making an even greater contribution to the economic and social development of China, and to worldwide progresses in science and technology.

ZHAO Zhentang
Director, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
in September 2009

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