Research achievements of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility was awarded as 2021 China’s top 10 Optical Breakthroughs

On May 23rd, 2021 Award for China’s Top 10 Optical Breakthroughs was released by China Laser Press, including ten fundamental research results, such as ice fiber and compact free electron laser, and ten applied research results, such as six-dimensional optical information multiplexing and optical metamaterial fabric with cooling ability. Among them, the research result "self-amplification of coherent energy modulation" from Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, was jointly accomplished by Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics and Shanghai Advanced Research Institute.

The self-amplification mechanism of coherent energy modulation was proposed by the free electron laser team of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, and the experimental verification based on shanghai soft X-ray free electron laser was completed. Through the self-amplification of the small energy modulation introduced by the seed laser, the 30th harmonic amplification, which is the world record of "amplified harmonic to laser modulation ratio" at present, is successfully achieved. This result paves the way for the external seeded free electron laser of MHz repetition rate, and is expected to bring new breakthroughs in high resolution spectroscopy and extreme ultraviolet lithography. The result published in Physical Review Letters was co-authored by Dr. Jiawei Yan, Professor Haixiao Deng, and Professor Zhentang Zhao. 

The award for China’s Top 10 Optical Breakthroughs was initiated by China Laser Press, and this event aims to disseminate innovative and important achievements by Chinese researchers and further boost the development of optics in China. This year, 20 results among 162 optical candidates were awarded, including 10 fundamental researches and 10 applied researches. It is reported that, “the first lasing of echo-enabled harmonic generation” achieved by the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility was awarded China’s Top 10 Optical Breakthroughs in 2012.

Meanwhile, the achievement of "the first observation of laser-beam interaction in a dipole magnetic field" of the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility was selected as the fundamental research nomination award of the 2021 China’s Top 10 Optical Breakthroughs.

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