On the irradiation tolerance of nano-grained Ni-Mo-Cr alloy: 1 MeV He+ irradiation experiment
AUTHORS: Zhu, ZB; Huang, HF; Muransky, O; Liu, JZ; Zhu, ZY; Huang, Y
The irradiation damage behavior was studied in the nano-grained Ni-Mo-Cr alloy (nano-grained GH3535), which was irradiated by He ion to various dose. The evolution of defects and hardness changes are characterized by transmission electron microscopy and nanoindentation to explore the irradiation tolerance of the nano-grained GH3535 and the coarse-grained GH3535 (annealed GH3535), where the later was chosen as reference material to make comparison with nano-grained GH3535. The results show that though both the average size and number density of He bubbles increase with an increase in the irradiation dose, the smaller volume fraction is found in the nano-grained GH3535 compared with the coarse-grained GH3535 under the same irradiation condition. This indicates that the nano-grained GH3535 possess better irradiation swelling resistance than the coarse-grained GH3535. However, the increase in the hardness of the nano-grained GH3535 is more significant than in the coarse-grained GH3535 under the same irradiation dose. This suggests stronger irradiation-induced hardening of the nano-grained alloy comparing to coarse-grained alloy, due to the impeding effect caused by grain boundaries decorated with He bubbles. This study provides insight into the design of irradiation-tolerant nickel-based alloys for nuclear industry applications. (C) 2020 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.