Studies on the aqueous synthesis process of anhydrous uranyl chloride by U3O8, hydrochloric acid and H2O2
AUTHORS: Li, YH; Lei, Q; Xiong, ZX; Huang, W; Li, QN
In this work, the anhydrous uranyl chloride (UO2Cl2) was prepared by U3O8 with an aqueous solution synthesis method, and H2O2 was found playing important roles as cosolvent oxidation in the HCl solution. The selective formation of UO22+ and UO4 center dot 4H(2)O precipitate could be affected by two independent factors: reaction temperature and HCl concentration. For UO22+, the best reaction condition was 90 degrees C with the mole ratio of U3O8: HCl: H2O2 = 10: 25: 80. The best dehydration temperature range of UO2Cl2 center dot 3H(2)O and its dehydration production UO2Cl2 center dot H2O were determined to be 100 similar to 200 degrees C and 235 similar to 250 degrees C without the protection of Cl-2 or HCl gas, respectively.