Short-range correlations in the extended quantum molecular dynamics model
AUTHORS: Shen, L; Huang, BS; Ma, YG
Short-range potential has been added into an extended quantum molecular dynamics (EQMD) model. The rms radius, binding energy, and momentum distribution of 12C with different initial structures and short-range potential parameters have been checked. The separation energy of 12C(p, 2p) 11B reaction is calculated and compared with the experimental data, which indicates that our modified EQMD model can be taken as a reliable tool for studying proton pair knock-out reaction. Furthermore, the short-range correlation effects on emission time and momentum spectrum of two protons are discussed. Finally, the momentum correlation function of the emitted proton pair is calculated by Lednicky and Lyuboshitz's analytical method. The result explains that short-range repulsion causes high momentum tail and weakens the momentum correlation function.