Application and Development of Noncontact Detection Method of alpha-Particles Based on Radioluminescence

AUTHORS: Wu, ZQ; Cheng, JX; Xu, M; Wang, QB; Yu, A; Zhang, Y; Wen, WW; Wu, YP; Tang, ZF
The detection of alpha particles is of great significance in military and civil nuclear facility management. At present, the contact method is mainly used to detect alpha particles, but its shortcomings limit the broad application of this method. In recent years, preliminary research on noncontact alpha-particle detection methods has been carried out. In this paper, the theory of noncontact alpha-particles detection methods is introduced and studied. We also review the direct detection and imaging methods of alpha particles based on the different wavelengths of fluorescence photons, and analyze the application and development of this method, providing an important reference for researchers to carry out related work.