The distribution and behavior of noble metal fission products (Mo-99, Ru-103, Rh-105 and Te-132) in molten 2LiF-BeF2 mixtures
AUTHORS: Cheng, Zhiqiang; Zhao, Zhongqi; Geng, Junxia; Li, Wenxin; Dou, Qiang; Li, Qingnuan
In order to better understand and predict the behavior of noble metal fission products in molten salt reactor (MSR), the distributions of( 99)Mo, Ru-103, Rh-105 and Te-132 between molten salt, graphite and GH3535 alloy were investigated using gamma-ray spectroscopy. Experimental results showed that (99) Mo, Ru-103, Rh-105 and Te-132 mainly settle at the bottom of molten salt in the form of metallic particles, and the flow of molten salt can easily make the settled metallic particles suspend in molten salt. In addition, Mo-99, Ru-103, Rh-105 and Te-132 tend to be deposited more on GH3535 than on graphite, and the deposition behavior of 99Mo is particularly sensitive to the oxidation-reduction state of molten salt, which might be used as a redox indicator for the fuel salt of MSR. More importantly, the deposition characteristics provide new ideas for the separation and extraction of medical isotope 99Mo from MSR in the future. (C) 2022 Published by Elsevier B.V.