A novel insulation design for high-temperature pipe penetrating the walls of molten salt reactor cavity

AUTHORS: Yang, Yang; Zhu, Haihua; Zhou, Chong; Zou, Yang
The design of molten salt reactor has high-temperature pipes penetrating the walls of reactor cavity, the working temperature of which is about 530 K higher than the ordinary concrete wall. The insulation of high-temperature pipes is important to prevent local overheating of the walls of molten salt reactor cavity. A heat insulation scheme with multilayer different materials for the high-temperature pipe is analyzed. In order to verify the correctness and rationality of the design, one experimental set-up was built. The maximum relative deviation between the numerical results and experimental ones is 2.74% and the maximum relative uncertainty of the experimental results is 0.62%. The design scheme is used in a molten salt reactor and the maximum temperature of the ordinary concrete wall of the molten salt reactor cavity is 338.58 K, which is within the safety limit value of 343.15 K. The design of heat insulation for high-temperature pipe can also be used in other molten salt reactors.